Adam (spaj) wrote,

Saturday night / Sunday morning, I passed out, after urinating, a condition called Micturation Syncope.  Not that exciting really. for those of you getting overly excited by the wiki definition, all that happened was that I passed out.  I didn't crap my pants.  You know I'd tell you if I did.

In passing out, I managed to bounce my head off every sharp and hard part of the bathroom on the way down, giving myself a fat lip, biting my tongue, and spliting my head just below the hairline on the left hand side.  This particular wound was right down to the skull, but was easily remedied with 4 stitches at A&E.

I also received a skull x-ray, a heart trace, multiple blood pressure checks, and a tetanus jab.

I'm largely okay, maybe a bit run down, and a bit shakey.

So, there you are.

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