Adam (spaj) wrote,

Drunk & hores

Dunk.  That should obviosly read drunk,  4 in the morning drunk.  4 in the morning, and 3 bottles of whsky between 4-7 people drunk.  Drunk, and beset by whoress who each and every one looks like Niaomi Campbell.  I love you Beeccc.a  Seriously, I'm sitioting heren in a hotel lobby, postin g on LJ, isnstead f cranking one out onto a hot hot hot shoewre.  :)  /Bretter yhsn that, I even mnaanged to see my friends into a taxi, taking htem home.  Now, I'm going to see if I can even get a hardon...  despite the volume of hot chicks, none of the ultra-ultra-hot-premium chicks went for me.  They were all after the MD / super-rich types.  \  Damnb, I'm not even hot ton whores.  :(  At least I'mm hot to you, honey.

Damn their suygar tits.  :)

possinbly not the best valentines gift ever, but it's not until April.  And honey. if you'd seen gay elves as hot as these whores (retail price $20.00) then you would have at least considered it.


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