Adam (spaj) wrote,

Let's try that again?

Well, Friday was probably worth Saturday, just about.

We (being the head of Nigeria Finance, the head of Africa Finance, and a couple of the cool kids, and a pregnant lady) went out on Friday night, having nothing else to do.  Actually, let me state that one of the cool kids was also the marketing manager for Nigeria, and therefore very well tied in with the club / pub scene.

Okay, so we started in a pretty swish Sushi restaurant, where we had a kick ass sushi platter, with Miso soup.  Then, the Japanese / Chinese chef proceeded to cook up a stir-fry, Mongolian Barbeque style, you know, on a hot plate, in front of you.  Hilariously, he started doing some tricks with an egg, and promptly managed to smash it on the counter by accident.  :)  Beer was served, followed by Sake.  Oh, and he fried up a prawn for each of us.  When I say a "prawn", I think it's important that you understand, this prawn was the size of my forearm.  I've had some of these Tiger Prawns in the restaurant, and I have to say it would be a close run thing in a fight between them and an actual Tiger...

So, following this, we went to a bar, which was pretty quiet, and let's be honest, crap.  It was run-down inside, and not really that nice.  On the way out, someone pointed out it was meant to be an Irish bar (what?  to make a bar "Irish", you just make it crap?  Riiiiight...)

So, anyway, we had our pints, and left.  At this point, the pregnant lady left.  And suddenly...  wow.  :)  We made our way to another bar.  The marketing guy made his way in, found the owner, and introduced the owner to us all.  It's important to say that the owner looked like "The Jesus" from Big Lebowski.  He showed us in, and after a quick look round downstairs, we decide we're going to the upstairs lounge.  On my way in, about 7 different girls touch, prod, smile, and greet me, all of whom I hurreiedly and embarrasedly say "hi, I'm fine thanks" to.  Some of the downstairs girls were merely pretty.

So, another bouncer blocks the way to the upstairs, but the owner (Roddy?) says on you go, and we all fire upstairs. 

Rather than more beer, the FD decides what we really want is a bottle of Whisky, so we order one for the table, with Ice, water, coke!  And we drink it.  Here, the room is heaving with hotties.  Cigar's get lit up, and the drinking continues. 

Running out of time on my connection here at the hotel, but that's okay, as memory gets fuzzy.  I know we order a second and third bottle of whisky.  someone tells me we bring a fourth with us to the car, which takes me and 2 of the cool kids back to the hotel.  And the rest of the story I'll tell you in person...  :)

Connection dying...

See you soon.


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