Adam (spaj) wrote,



Facebook - blocked access, from Africa only.

LJ - keeps crashing when I access through the main page, but spaj.livejournal FTW.

I'm in Nigeria.
It's hot.
It's SWARMING with Mosquito's (filled with Malaria)
People drive like Spasticated Weasels on acid.
Everything is second hand, if you're rich.  Middle-class means 4th or 5th hand.  The poor are logarhythmic hand.
No one's kidnapped me yet.
I've seen a whole heap of AK47's.
The roads are 50% pothole, on average.  Sometimes it's more than 100% pothole.
The hotel is about £75 a night standard, and I'm paying £200.  There are only 12 hotels in Nigeria which are insured for international travellers, so they have a monopoly.
I withdrew £100 - the pile of notes are the same size as a small book.


More to follow.

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Deleted comment

*hugs* by the way.
It sounds like you're having a fantastic time - take photos!!!
"Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, the eighth most populous country in the world, and the most populous country in the world in which the majority of the population is black."

You should fit right in.

Try not to get skinned alive and buggered.
But what's the price of a pint? ;)
I don't want to give away the fact that I have a camera, so pictures will be limited.

I do fit right in with the other white people cowering in the corner of the hotel.

A pint costs £0.01 if you're black, but if you're white, it's about £2.50, plus the cost of the driver to take you to and from the pub.
I take it you're there to account for something?
Yeah, interesting levels of capability over here... very interesting. :)