Adam (spaj) wrote,

Larry, Curly & Moe storm Buckingham Palace

Okay, so I ran the game.  It was...  okay.  No, it was fun, but I didn't really achieve the mind-rending horror that I was aiming for.  The first couple of hours were decidedly slap-stick.  I didn't really know how best to approach this.

So, let's introduce the Cast:

We had Francis Marlow, (referred to as Mr Francis by the slightly odd Jack, throughout).  He was the intrepid leader of team Harlequin, a severe OCD sufferer, with a photographic memory.  Secrets in a non-player private post, but his was a doozy.

Then we had Cutter, a stormer with some real personality problems, mainly stemming from a lack of understanding that machines are not better than humans, and a severe form of Kleptomania, because he wanted the bits and the peices.

Finally, Jack Faraday, a frother, with a somewhat "cute" outlook on life.  Hardcore at some points, but also slightly simple.  Though if I'm honest, he was played as if completely simple.  And he really really likes fluffy kittens.

I think I'm a bit rusty at GM'ing though.  I basically rail-roaded the characters through the adventure, and didn't do anything to steer their developing characters into the realms of horror. 

Saying that, I thought it had a most satisfactory ending, which was people standing round in what was left of London going 'the f**k?"
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